How Memorial Donations are handled at the Andrew L. Hodges Funeral Home:

You have many options to donate when services are handled by the Hodges Funeral Home.


We accept donations by:

Cheque (made out to the designated charity)

Cash (please have exact change)


Credit Card (2% fee will be taken from the donation to account for the credit card machine fee)

Donations can be made at the Hodges Funeral Home during visitations or funerals, either at the funeral home or at off-site location funerals, such as when we assist with funerals at churches or halls. Even debit and credit card donations can be made as we have a portable credit card machine.

Donations can be made outside of visitation and funeral times by visiting the funeral home. We try to maintain office hours Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., but it is best to call (519-284-2820) to ensure we are available. The same applies to weekends and holidays, we want to accommodate different schedules.

By Phone (519-284-2820):

We can take your information over the phone to let the family know of your donation. Your memorial donation can then be made by cheque, mailed to the charity or funeral home, or donate by credit card.

Online options:

Click on “Memorial Donation by Cheque.” Fill in your information, so that we can inform the family of your donation and then mail a cheque, made out to the charity,  to the funeral home or directly to the charity. You may also use this feature to visit the charity’s own website to donate directly.

Click on “Memorial Donation by Credit Card.” This feature was created with the Hodges Funeral Home website to allow donations to any charity, even charities or funds that are not set up as registered charities: i.e. some churches, local organizations and when funds are being raised for things like trust accounts for a person’s family or memorial awards. Fill in your information and amount, and we will inform the family of your donation and then forward the funds, minus the fee taken from the website provider (5.9% from the company Stripe [who safeguard credit card information] plus 30 cents, the fee from Squarespace, the website provider) to the requested charity.