The Andrew L. Hodges Funeral Home provides simple basic cremation,
no visitation and no funeral service, as an option.

Here is our no hidden cost itemization:

Funeral director co-ordination of activities: $200

Documentation: $450
- includes registration of death, forms related to cremation, unlimited proof of death certificates, record keeping and complimentary estate assistance through Waghorn, Stephens, Sipos and Poulton Law office in St. Marys which includes:

  • Assistance with CPP death benefit application
  • Assistance with CPP survivor application
  • Notifying CPP and OAS to cease payments
  • Return drivers license, Social Insurance Card, Health Card, Passport, Permanent Resident Card
  • 1/2 hour consultation with Ben Waghorn or Mark  Poulton to discuss executor duties

Transport of deceased from place of death to the funeral home: $300
- this covers a 100 km radius from St. Marys (beyond that distance, $3 per km one way will be charged)

Facilities at the funeral home to shelter the deceased until time of transfer to the crematorium: $120

Transport to the crematorium and retrieval of cremated remains: $200

cremation container.jpg

Basic Cremation Container: $100
- Press board base, cardboard top and plastic lining, model: 79-5084-01, Victoriaville Caskets
(When a person's body is received at a crematorium in Ontario, the deceased body must be in a rigid combustible container. This basic cremation container serves that purpose

HST (13% tax on funeral home fee and cremation container: $178.10


Coroner cremation certificate: $75
(When a person is cremated in Ontario, a coroner certificate is required to state there is no further investigation with cause of death, allowing cremation to take place)

cremation urn.jpg

Cremation at Mount Pleasant Crematorium (London,Ont.) $542.40
(standard adult size cremation)
- this fee also includes a container for the cremated remains
Dimensions (inches): Height 8 1/2, Width 6 1/2 Depth 4 1/2

Link to decorative urns, if desired

Link to keepsake items


Total: $2165.50

This total is from the Andrew L. Hodges Funeral Home Feb. 1, 2018 Pricelist

A couple of aspects that make the Hodges Funeral Home basic cremation unique, compared to other providers: the same as every other service type provided by the Hodges Funeral Home -no deposit is required at time of need- we ask that payment be made in 30 days  or longer if requested. Proof of death certificates are unlimited. And if a family wishes to have a brief viewing at the funeral home, relatively soon after death and prior to the the transfer to the crematorium, there is no extra cost.