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Flowers one month after the date of passing.  About a month after a death is about the time that everyone else resumes their lives as normal.  Sending a flower arrangement on that first month anniversary helps the family to know that others are remembering too.   Arrangements can be any denomination of course but for this purpose we could do a $50.00 arrangement (plus tax) = $56.50.  A card could be filled out at the time and given to us to include with the arrangement.
We would deliver to the family’s home*.

Treat basket - this would be a basket of comfort treats (chocolate, cookies, candies) - we can do them in any size but $50.00 plus tax would be an average size and a nice gift.  Again it would be delivered to the family's home*.

Spring Bulb Pots: In the winter (from January until about March) we have spring bulb pots.  People love them because they enjoy them at the time as they bloom slowly indoors and then the bulbs can be planted outside in the spring.  The family could plant the bulbs for a special garden for their loved one.  We usually get two sizes of bulb pots $25.00 and $40.00 both plus taxes.  We would deliver to the family's home*.

Flowers special occasions such as birthdays, mother’s day, father’s day, anniversary of passing, Christmas or any other day that is special to the family to acknowledge we can deliver something directly to the cemetery if family members are from out of town and there is not anyone in town on that day.  The arrangement can be whatever would be appropriate - stone topper, wreath, arrangement, single rose.  Cost would be based on the piece requested - the variable would be $5.00 for a single rose to $69.95 for an artificial stone topper.

Flowers or Gifts on Specific Dates: we could deliver something to them once a month or every six weeks etc., it could be a little arrangement, a plant, a box of chocolates with a thinking of you card.  Again, the cost can vary from a single rose in a bud vase $11.95 to a larger arrangement.  We do this in the nursing homes for a few families and the recipients look forward to their surprise.  A specific date could be chosen for the deliver each month.

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